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Gambling Addiction

Gambling is one of the addictions often overlooked in the UK. This is a highly destructive problem, not just ruining it’s victims finances’ but also putting pressure on relationships with family and friends.

70% of the population gamble in some form for entertainment. However, for those who become addicted, or “pathological” gamblers, the fun is short-lived.

hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

Gary Oke is seen by many as the leading hypnotherapist and life coach in the gambling addiction field. Other hypnotherapists often refer their clients to Oke Hypnotherapy for treatment.

Gary also supplies gambling addiction treatments on behalf of ITV for guests from their talk shows.

“Gambling addiction is one of the areas very close to home for me. My first job was in an insurance company where my colleagues taught me to bet on the horses. Initially it seemed I had a gift, some kind of natural ability for picking the winners. I had some of the most unlikely wins imaginable....a four horse win accumulator, a single win at 100/1 and several at 33/1. This lasted about six months. When it ended, as any true addict, I simply upped the stakes, spread my gambling into other areas such as greyhounds, fruit machines etc. Every time I lost, I bet bigger until I had spent my rent, food money, petrol, the lot. I would still manage to repeat this as soon as I received my following month’s pay, running up rent arrears, bank loans, overdrafts, etc into the thousands.               

Not only did I pack this destructive addiction in, I even made a career within the gambling industry, my last position being

National Sales and Marketing Manager for a £15M gaming company. I know this habit inside out, as a reformed gambler, a former marketeer of gambling and as a hypnotherapist”

Gary Oke