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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy in treating weight loss has featured several times on television in recent years on shows such as C4 Supersize vs Superskinny. Diet plans are great if you want to lose weight for a few months and then put it back on again, living a life of feast or famine. Alternatively, you can make healthy changes to your life forever without the suffering of restrictive diet plans, diet foods, etc.

Most people know why they are overweight, eating the wrong foods, eating until they are full, snacking, comfort eating, lack of exercise, etc. By addressing the problems in your subconscious mind, you can change the way you eat and exercise on a day to day basis, without having to go back to those awful diets again!

gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy

Please Note: The Gastric Band hypnosis sessions at Oke Hypnotherapy are not part of a purchased, scripted series of sessions as many schemes of this kind are. Having looked into these weight loss systems and knowing that sessions designed to meet the individual client's requirements are far more effective than scripted work, we chose to develop our own. The research and development time that went into this cost far more than just buying one of the systems that are out there!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not a long drawn-out process; most clients only need three or four sessions. We also offer fixed price schemes by which you know what you are paying at outset, so if further sessions are required, they are at no cost. This scheme has proved so popular that I've noticed other hypnotherapists have now copied the format!

Oke Hypnotherapy also offers Gastric Band Hypnosis. This process has had a lot of press coverage recently. Unfortunately, other hypnotherapists offering this technique are quoting £700 to £1000. At Oke Hypnotherapy, Gastric Band Hypnosis is offered either as another version of the weight loss scheme or session by session. If chosen as a session by session arrangement then the minimum number of sessions is three, this is to ensure best practice as the gastric mind band is a technique which is not suitable as a single session process.

We also offer our new "Platinum" weight loss scheme which includes a full year of support!

For details of these schemes and the standard session prices, please see the Treatment Costs page of this website. Oke Hypnotherapy also runs one day intensive weight loss hypnotherapy programmes.

"I had always struggled with weight loss, mainly due to a lack of will power. I now weigh three stone less thanks to Gary's amazing work!". LH, Sheffield  "I am amazed at the results of my Gastric Band Hypnosis scheme and so pleased it was at a fraction of the cost of the scheme in Marbella" . MM, Manchester